This year our brewery was busy. Real busy. Busy learning new technologies, improving production methods and playing around with different brews. And, most importantly, perfecting our classics range to ensure that they are sent out at the highest quality. After all, without these guys none of the rest would be possible.

We also brewed a whole load of brand new limited addition beers. This involved the continuation of our ‘Versus’ collaborations where we brew, compare notes and exchange banter with some really great guys and gals from other breweries. We also played with herbs, fruit and even some vegetables adding 90kg of pumpkin into a Halloween inspired spiced Lager.

We welcomed IHL cans to our classics family; the ‘when IPA met Lager’ creation. And we released our ‘one year in the making’, Beer 2014, after five months in Bourbon Barrels. So yeah fair to say we’ve had a jam-packed year.

So which one was your favourite? The one that really lingered on your palate? Saved you from a thirsty moment? Got you through that time…? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter and one person will win a mixed case of our beer. Winner announced on New Years Eve!

To refresh your memory here’s a list of the limited edition and ‘one off’ beers that we made:

Beer 2014 Barrel aged Lager
Camden versus Petrus Belgian Stout
Pumpkin Spiced Lager
One Hell of a Beaver Hoppy Lager
Rose and Juniper Saison
Camden versus Mohawk IBL
Camden Emperor Nero IBL
God Save the Elk Swedish Pale Ale
South Town Red Ale with Adnams
Flue Faker Rauchbier
Camden x Kernel x Partizan Rosemary and Apricot Wit
Indian Summer Lager
White Knight Barrel Aged Belgian Sour

And our classics series:

Hells Lager
Hells Lager Unfiltered
Pale Ale
Gentleman’s Wit
Ink Stout
And last but not least!! IHL Indian Hells Lager

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