It’s big! It’s beery! It’s back! On the 23rd of August, we’ll be holding our second annual Tank Party, the day we salute all that’s brilliant about being a brewery by pouring fresh, Unfiltered Hells straight from one of our 60HL tanks!

So why hold a Tank Party? We’ll leave it to our Brewing & Development Director, Alex Troncoso to explain: “In Germany there’s a long standing tradition of local brewers supplying Kellerbier (cellar beer) to their immediate community – beer that’s unfiltered and as fresh as it can get. at Camden we’ve carried on the tradition by supplying local London pubs with Unfiltered Hells, our own version of Kellerbier. Tank Party is all about celebrating this tradition and opening our doors to the locals so everyone can enjoy the freshest Unfiltered Hells ever, direct from the tank.”

Tank Party 2 will be an all-day affair, running from 12-11pm, with a family friendly vibe earlier on, so feel free to bring the kids down. We’ll have a pop-up bar and extended beer garden under the tanks, street food traders and loads and loads of awesome, fresh beer (did we mention there’ll be beer!). The street food line-up so far is looking great; soft shell crab burgers from Crabbie Shack, ice lollies from Lickalix and a cold press coffee stall from our neighbours, The Fields Beneath, plus more to be announced!

Last year’s Tank Party was riotously good fun, despite (or partly because of) the terrible weather and we’re pretty much positive that this year’s going to be even better, so come along!

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