On Wednesday the 22nd June we headed out to the fields, with a bunch of our friends and loads of beers to celebrate the great British summer.

We ate food, watched live music, befriended animals, screen printed tees, played games and most importantly picked lots of strawberries. What’s this all for I hear you say? Strawberry Hells Forever lager. That’s what.

We brewed the beer last year, and it was the fastest sell our beer Camden has ever had. The crisp refreshment of our Hells lager, combined with early season strawberries, blended up into the wort making for a light, tart (and slightly more pink than last year) lager that’s like summer in a bottle.

Launching on Friday 29 July across London, so stay tuned for how you can get your hands on it.

Here’s the low down of our mini-festival, the strawberry picking day.

We jumped on two double decker buses

and Hells took to the fields of Cammas Hall Farm in Essex.

156 of us set out to pick over 300 kilos of strawberries

Some went off road, in to the depths of the countryside

some battled the beers in a race to the finish line

and we lost a few troops along the way.

Lots of beers were drunk,

We all got creative,

Friends were made

and some of us got competitive.

We learnt lots of stuff about strawberries and beer

and lots of fun was had


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