We’ve picked it, chopped it, brewed it, and now it’s finally ready to drink: Strawberry Hells Forever is HERE! Tapping this Thursday at our Brewery Bar at 6PM, this beer has been on one HELLS of a journey.

The journey started with an idea from Jasper of us producing a strawberry lager that would involve our whole team; fresh, juicy and highlighting England’s amazing strawberry fields, this was going to be a lager to announce that summertime has arrived. From there our brewer Louise organised a trip out to Cammas Fruit Farm for our team to pick fresh strawberries – all going into the whirlpool (with a few sampled by teammates – for quality control, of course). It then took 18 of us various shifts to chop all the berries (we finally managed it after 6 hours); it was now time to get down to business.

We added the 85kg of chopped strawberries with Mosaic and Simcoe hops to 25% wheat and 75% pilsner malts to get an amazing cloudy, straw-coloured lager with an ABV of 4.3%. After spending 5 weeks in tank, the smell is of big, juicy, tart strawberries, fresh and clean, with a taste that’s like walking through the first strawberry fields of the season: tart, with a refreshing finish and a round body thanks to the extra wheat we added into the brew.

Starting this weekend, Strawberry Hells Forever will be available at select wholesalers and London pubs.

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