Our brewery under the arches in Camden is the original Home of Hells. It’s also the home of Arch 55, our series of small batch and new idea beers.

Sometimes it’ll be one keg, launched on tap at our bar for a ‘New Beer Thursday’, other times it’ll be a bunch of bottles available in the fridge. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Well, until now.


Say hello to our very first #Arch55 12-bottle case, featuring some old school favourites including Wilkin St White Pilsner, Mexican Lager, Yeast Lightning, and yes you guessed it, USA Unfiltered Hells Lager.

Throwbacking hard like it’s March 2012, when Camden opened the doors to our first, very different, Brewery Bar in that same old Arch 55 with a new American-style beer and hot dog party. You’ll even find one of the foam fingers from that party framed somewhere in the brewery. USA Unfiltered Hells Lager is BACK (for now, until we drink it all.)


We caught up with the brewers at Camden HQ to find out why that they liked best about brewing the beers, both times around.

Miki – Head Brewer
USA Unfiltered Hells Lager - First brewed: January 2012
“I’ve always drunk lager, but this was actually the first ‘hoppy’ beer I’d ever tried before Camden. It had all the familiar lager character I loved, but with amazing US hops - that experience of how they smelled and tasted is one that made me want to brew these beers, a first step that led me on the path to where I am now. It’s the cult classic of Camden, with a perfect blend and balance of ingredients that’s still the Camden signature today.”

Michael – Shift Brewer
Wilkin Street White Pilsner - First brewed: December 2017

“I’m a lager lad through and through, and no style more so than the subtly floral, crispness of a Pilsner. To amplify the ester profile in this one, we took inspiration from Weiss and Wit beers by using a combo of new German hops to give us the fruity notes that you’d recognise from those styles, fermented at a slightly higher temperature to make them more prominent. White Pils quickly became my favourite the first time around, so this time I wanted to push to see how much flavour we could pack into it, with a subtle combination of the right hops, added at the right times and in the right amounts.”

Chris – Innovation Brewer
Yeast Lightning Brut IPL - First brewed: August 2018

“I love modern hoppy beers - the result of new techniques, hops and riffs on the style create beautiful beers I can’t wait to try, and this was no exception. As a reaction to the trend for syrupy sweet and juicy IPAs, this beer went off on a tangent in the clean and dry direction. This was my favourite to brew two summers ago when it was first released - Crisp, dry, fruity and super hoppy. It plays into why lager yeast and hops are great, with my favourite new hop addition of Idaho 7 - cheers to that!”

Perry – GM at Camden HQ
Mexican Lager - First brewed: March 2019

“I’ve always been inspired by the elevated versions of Mexican lagers available in the States. Super clean, crisp and refreshing - made for hot afternoons with a slice of Lime. This was the first beer we brewed last year when I started the role, using a yeast strain from Mexico City, and corn to add that delicate sweetness. I’m constantly asked in our taproom if we’ll ever do again! Summer is on its way so grab a cold one, lay back in the sun and enjoy.”

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