We’re here with beer. Our mission? To spread the good word about what we do at Camden in bars near you, and get a few rounds in too.

Camden are taking to the pubs (and bars, bottle stores, restaurants, festivals and markets too).  Kind of like the Jehovah’s Witnesses of the beer world, except instead of handing out pamphlets, we hand out pints. And we can’t promise to save your soul (but beer’s good enough eh?)

We call these meet ‘n’ greet outings Camden Shouts. We pick a time a time + a place, you come along and drink some beer on us. Easy.

They happen in a different pub or bar each time and the best way to keep up to date with where we’ll be over on our events page. The best place to find something to satisfy you + your pals beer needs. The calendar’s pretty full up this month in locations all across London - and there’s plenty of beer to go around.

Watch out on our Instagram and Twitter for more beer stuff coming your way soon.

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