Puff Daddy to P. Diddy, Snoop Dog to Snoop Lion, IHL to Show Off. It’s time for a change - Show Off’s self-titled debut album is out now.

We loved the taste of IHL but felt the name and brand could reflect the beer style more closely. The way we see it, lager’s typecast as refreshing, but capable of so much more. We’re proud to show off all the things our favourite beer style can be. IHL was lager, showing off, so why not just call it that?

We also wanted to lower the ABV slightly to make the beer more approachable, but not so much it would affect the taste of the beer. To do this, we had to tweak our precious (and award winning) IHL recipe to accommodate the lower ABV. This was a delicate balance and a big challenge to our brewhouse.

So, how’s Show Off different? The grain bill ratio is the same, but the overall amount has been reduced slightly. We increased mash temperatures to slightly increase final gravity, giving the impression of fullness, without the higher ABV. Kettle hopping has been proportionally reduced too, to keep the same IBU as IHL. Dry hopping hasn’t changed, which gives Show Off comparably even more juicy hop aroma. That’s why we’re now calling it Juicy Lager.

Show Off is available in Tesco, nationwide.

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