There might be no major football tournament this year but we at Camden Town Brewery are here to make sure you stay entertained in the pub.

We bring you Flippin’ Hells, the UK’s only beer mat flipping tournament (that we know of). How do you get involved? It’s flippin’ easy.

First off, head to your local and track down our Flippin’ Hells beer mats. Get a pint of Hells and rest it on one. They aren’t just fun to play with, they look good and absorb beer too.


1. Balance the mat (or mats) on the edge of your bar/table
2. Flick the mat from below
3. Allow the mat to flip 180°
4. Catch your mat between fingers and thumb of the hand you flicked it with
5. Easy? Try it with two mats. Or 10.
6. Share a video of your successful mat flip with the hashtag #FlippinHells to win some flippin’ nice prizes!

Remember to tag us so we can see, and then shoot us over a message or email to to claim your BEER.

1-10 mat flipped and caught = pin badge
11-25 mats flipped and caught = 6 pack of Hells Lager
26-50 mats flipped and caught = case of Hells lager
51+ mats flipped and caught = party at the brewery

Have a flippin’ great summer.

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