HELLO - how you all doing? Good? Yes. We hoped so.
Throwback to March, where we kicked off our first virtual Camden Desk Beers.

Reuniting the Beer Team who were both still busy in the brewery, to those working from their home desks. Not quite the same as joining your team for a cold pint at the Brewery Bar - but these zooms became a regular for us, checking in every Friday with a beer in hand, to chat about what’s been going on, what we’re up to, even some beer tastings and you guessed it… quizzes (although, we’re all really, really bored of that now, right?)

Turns out, we missed our Camden Desk Beers so much we named a beer after it, and launched it under our Arch 55 series on out web shop (It tasted great and sold out, but don’t worry - if you missed it we’ve got lots of great new beers to share with you).

Right now, things are looking a little bit more back to ‘normal’ at Camden HQ - with some of the teams back in the office, some still non-stop smashing it in both breweries, and lots of us still working from home.

RIGHT THEN. There’s been lots going on, so here’s what you might have missed…

To start off, everything went online! We knew the Hospitality Industry was in trouble when the on-trade closed, so we decided to support the industry we love the most and the people in it by raising money through our social channels.


We hosted a series of online events through Instagram Live. From live music, to bake-alongs, to beer tastings and a fortnightly quiz night - all to support Hospitality Action - an awesome charity who help those working in pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants (and the rest!) when the going gets tough. With everything from financial support, counselling and support lines, the charity has been a go-to safe space for so many people in Hospitality, and we’re so happy we could be a part of it.


Yup, we hosted an auction for the worlds most valuable pint. It was mid-lock down, and there was not a draft beer in sight - so we decided to get you lot bidding on Twitter for one single, freshly poured, cold, tasty, delicious PINT of Hells Lager. The winning bid would be donated to Hospitality Action, and the winner got their pint poured and delivered 2m from their door. It went for a huge £1600 in the end - take a look at how happy Warwick looked when he got his pint delivered here.

We’ve been busy brewing through lockdown too, keeping fridges full of fresh beer across the country - and launched a bunch of new beers.


Well, not ‘new’ exactly. We rebranded our Hells Lager to support the healthcare heroes on the frontline. This Thank You Lager was available from our web shop to buy, with all proceeds from every can sold donated to NHS charities. We also gave NHS workers a 6-pack on us too to say thank you, when they signed up too! Read all about it here.


Helping the industry we love with what we do best - BEER. Our new American Pale Ale, To The Pub, was brewed to support the hospitality industry as it’s time in need. How? All proceeds from every can of the beer sold on our web shop, on Ocado and in Wholefoods go back into making kegs to give to pubs for free. That means that when pubs reopened, they could sell the beer on their bars, and get more cash for their tills after a tough few months. Check it out, and try it here.


Our summertime seasonal Hells launched for it’s 5th year running. Strawberry Hells Forever Lager is brewed with British strawberries and made for drinking in the sunshine. Like with all our seasonal Hells releases, we’ve teamed up with a charity to donate 20p from every can sold throughout the month to. This August we’re supporting RABI, to help British farmers as they struggle through a hard through months of seeing their produce go to waste. Pick up your Strawberry Hells Forever cans here, before it sells out!


We’ve been coming up with lots of great new recipes, and a fresh new look for our Arch 55 series beers. Not sure what they are? It’s our series of small batch and new idea beers, brewed under the arches of our original home of Hells in Camden. They’re around for a good time, not a long time - See what’s fresh in on our web shop here.

OH, and if you’d like to see more of what we’re up to on the reg, follow us on Instagram here.

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