Back in February we found out that a few of our beers made the cut at the International Brewing Awards, including a gold medal win for our IHL cans – Hells Yeah! We know and love our beers, and were honoured and excited to have our beers acknowledged by others in the brewing world; it means we’re heading down the right track, all while making something we’re passionate about.

Yesterday was the big day for us to meet with other award-winning brewers from around the world at the IBA ceremony here in London. This is the brewing world’s version of the Oscars: we were in great company with some big names and big flavour from around the globe. Our team was decked out and on hand for the occasion to accept our gold medal for our canned IHL, two silvers for our kegged Pale Ale and Hells, and a bronze for our kegged IHL.

“Once the stress of donning a suit for one day a year passed, it was actually quite fun. It was great to see old industry friends, and taste beers that normally don’t hit these shores,” our Brewing Director Alex Tronosco reports.

We put a lot of hard work into making our beers, so this was a big celebration for the team. Let’s all raise a glass of (beer of your choice) to brewers everywhere – you guys are ace!

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