A couple of weeks back we had some great news, we won some beer awards!

Our beers went up against a panel at the International Brewing Awards, where breweries all over the world enter all types of beers, and we’re so happy to have won.

Pils Lager won GOLD for Small Pack Lager, with it’s piney fresh aroma and American hops, whilst IHL bagged a silver in the Keg Lager category with all its double dry hopped goodness. Our Pale Ale was also awarded a bronze in the Keg Ales.

Think of beer like your children - you can’t have a favourite… but let’s be honest, you all secretly do.

Each of the Camden Beer Team has that one beer that they love just a little bit more than the others, one that holds a special place in their heart. You can see this when Friday rolls around and see what everyone reaches for to enjoy as their Camden Desk Beer. So, as you can imagine we all did an extra mini fist pump for our favourites that won too.

Shout out to our brewers and production team here under the arches at Camden for making it (and doing a really good job). Cheers to beer!

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