One big brewery, one little brewery and a bunch of top brewers and packaging team working around the clock making beers that are consistently great (cheers to that lot!), making sure we keep things fresh. That’s why every now and again we like to change things up a bit – keep us on our toes.

Here’s the low down of some things we’ve changed with our beer range recently:

Unfiltered Hells
If Hells is our studio album, all slick finish and crisp sounds, then this is our live album. Unfiltered Hells - Live and unplugged in Camden, so that’s where you’ll find it - kegged fresh from our tank here in Camden to pour straight from the taps at our Camden Brewery Bar only. And of course, it’ll be back for Tank Party!

Gentleman’s Wit
You might have been seeing less bottles and cans of Wit in our fridges and more on draft? Well, we’re giving our Wit a bit more of that pint pouring love, because who doesn’t love a tall Belgian style glass that shows off its lemon rind-y and bergamot aroma? Go on, give it go.

Pils Unfiltered Lager
Pils launched back in 2014, taking inspiration from USA Hells (remember that?) An unfiltered lager with that piney freshness brewed with Centennial hops that was one of our favourites, but back in March we decided to try something new… a lower ABV addition to our range. Hello Week Nite Any Day Lager, a 3% dry-hopped unfiltered lager. Tried it yet?

New Beer Thursdays
Every Thursday we’re inviting you to join us at our Brewery Bar to try our newest and freshest one-off beers. Under the arches of our brewery in Camden, we’re always trying out new recipes and beer styles, so with the launch of ‘New Beer Thursday’ we’ll be bringing these new beer ideas, fresh from the brew house to the bar with the first try on us! Every Thursday at the bar from 7pm you can expect new additions to our Arch 55 series, experimental batches and collaboration beers with some of our favourite bars, and the latest release from our Seasonal Hells range. Come by to try a beer on us!

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