BEER 2016

BEER 2016

Each year here at Camden we brew a beer that takes all year long.

At the end of 2015 we put our heads together to brew a beer destined for the barrels, one that could take on and take in whatever the year ahead had in store.

So here it is, Beer 2016: A freestyle lager, aged on our mews in Camden for 12 long months, soaking up the flavours of bourbon, cognac and tequila from the barrels along with the events of the year.

Rich and dark, this beer is one to cheers in the new year with pals or toast to the festive season. Think cocoa, sweet treacle and dark rum with a balanced hop bitterness and short finish. It’s 8.1% and full bodied with an red brown hue that tastes like a homemade brandy pudding (but better than that one your mum makes.) We’re painting you a picture, and that picture is delicious.

You’ll be able to grab one of our screen printed sharing bottles, illustrated by our pal Jay Cover, at the end of the month. We’re be bottling just 2016 of them (see what we did…) and there’ll be some kegs too, so stay tuned for a list of bars, pubs and bottle shops of where you can get your hands on the stuff so you can join us to drink the beer of the year.

‘Tis the season, so gather round in front of the fire and crack this one open. The year is almost over, and if your 2016 wasn’t big, bold and exciting - you can drink this one, which is.

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