This Christmas we’ve teamed up with TRAID to spread the word and help them on their mission to reduce clothes waste in the UK. Introducing the 12 Pack Give Back, turning our Hells Lager 12 pack boxes into handy freepost donation parcels.


We’re really excited to partner with TRAID, a London based charity that provide clothes banks, home collections charity shops and sustainability education, talks and repair events across the UK to raise awareness of how we can reuse our clothes.

Get involved and give back:
1. Go get yourself a fresh 12 pack of our Hells Lager bottles from your local participating supermarket
2. Enjoy your beers at home, and take a look in your wardrobe for some clothes you’d like to donate (hint – see that sequined onesie or that pineapple print blazer you’re not planning on wearing anytime soon, you could send it to a better home)
3. Pop your clothes donations in the box, tape it up and take to your local post office. It’s freepost, so you can just drop it off and – ta da – you’ve donated to an incredible cause

Find the 12 packs, designed by our seasonal artist collaborator, Bodil Jane from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, Ocado and Waitrose.

In the UK over the last year, around 300 thousand tons of clothes were thrown away from both the fashion industry and the public. That’s about the equivalent weight of 2500 blue whales, 600,000 grand pianos, or a hell of a lot of beers!

So, what happens to your clothes once you donate?
30% are resold across one of TRAID’s 11 London charity shops | 50% are reusable, and sent to textile companies to be sorted and graded, which get sent outside of the UK | 10% of your clothes get put to good use, reused and recycled to become fabric like industrial cloth or car seat filling | 2.5% are books or china which are sold in TRAID’s shops. | That only leaves 7.5% that will be disposed of.

We caught up with TRAID to find out about how your clothes can make a difference to the impact of our planet.

We’ve been working for 20-years to reduce the negative impacts that the fashion industry has on the environment.  Reusing and reselling your clothes in our charity shops enables TRAID to fund global projects to improve social-environmental conditions in the fashion industry. From stopping the use of child and bonded labour in the supply chains making our clothes to supporting thousands of cotton farmers grow organic and stop using hazardous chemical pesticides. 

TRAID aims to raise awareness of how we can:
- Reduce consumption
- Reduce our use of increasingly scarce resources
- Reduce waste and carbon emissions
- Place more value on the things we already have
- Extend the life cycle of wearable clothes and other material objects
- Source clothes in more interesting and socially beneficial ways, like charity shops, swapping, lending and making

Heard of the 23% campaign? It’s a campaign launched by TRAID which found that 23% of garments in your wardrobe are unworn – that’s equivalent to 123 million garments. In alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 – to ensure more sustainable consumption and production, they are calling on everyone to pass on the clothes they no longer wear, so someone else can use them. So, now’s your chance to rid of ‘that thing I might wear one day if it snows in June’ and donate it to a better cause. Go grab some Hells and post it on over.

Stay tuned for updates on how you and your clothes are making a difference #12PackGiveBack.

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